Red Fish

by Taylor Olsen and Rachel Hastings

Halifax Theatre for Young People

Taylor Olsen and Rachel Hastings had spent three years together as theatre students before they discovered that they both suffered from depression, and that their hardest times had been in junior and senior high school.

They decided to write a play that would help break the isolation and fear of stigma felt by many young people who suffer from depression and anxiety. At the same time, they knew the play needed to be funny and imaginative in order to really engage a young audience. Red Fish premiered at the Atlantic Fringe Festival in 2015.

Audience members were moved and excited by the play, commenting “I feel like you took the power away from depression even though he (sic) may follow you around indefinitely”, and “I encourage you to continue in your development of the play ….. many could benefit from what you have to say.”


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September 20th-23rd

Halifax Theatre For Young People