by Vern Thiessen

In July 1957, the world was rife with post-war wounds and nuclear arms race fears. In the midst of all the mounting anxiety, leading scientists and academics, world-renowned ‘thinkers’ were invited to a conference in humble Pugwash, NS, the first conference of its kind to address their role in creating and alleviating these fears. Cumberland County native Cyrus Eaton who had made a fortune living and working in the United States of America played a key role in bringing the world to Pugwash, his beloved hometown. Thiessen’s play is a fictional story based on true events that explore the local impact and global legacy of the Pugwash Conferences. A uniquely Canadian story, celebrating a remarkable individual and remarkable place, on the 60th Anniversary of a truly remarkable achievement.




Bravo to all. The play is fantastic and tells an important Cumberland story! A must see.

Pamela Hoar

A consummate performance

a brilliant timely play

you must go

Suzanne Burchell

The Mystery Play

by Josh MacDonald

This summer, the mystery starts at home... Crime-solving nun Vivian Salter has returned to her family home in Parrsboro, N.S., in order to care for her ailing father. Salter is struggling with her faith, as her father's senility enters an increasingly difficult chapter when in the adjoining suite next door moves a young schoolteacher, along with her newly-wed husband. From Salter's vantage, this couple-next-door seems perfect, and very much in love… until they don't. By creeping attrition, Salter begins to fear for the safety of the woman on the other side of the wall. Despite herself, the flinty nun gets drawn, once more, into mystery. But this time, it's a frightful mystery that threatens to affect them all, as it hits closer... and closer... to home.


by Vern Thiessen

July 5th – 30th


The Mystery Play

by Josh Macdonald

August 9th – September 3rd


New Waterford Boy

by Richie Wilcox

August 2rd & 3rd

a Heist Production

Red Fish

by Rachel Hastings & Taylor Olson with James Maclean

September 20th-23rd

Halifax Theatre For Young People