July 4th - 29th (except Mondays)

Hook Line & Sinner

By Mary-Colin Chisholm

Directed by Natasha MacLellan

Sister Vivian Salter returns for the final installment of our Mystery Trilogy. Sister Vivian must exonerate her old friend Ken, a successful paleontologist with whom she’s just reconnected.  It appears to be an open and shut case; he killed his wife Lucia because he believed she was usurping his accomplishments.   In order to exonerate Ken, Sister must find the real killer...could it be his daughter Sophia? Is Sister’s objectivity compromised by the fact she dated Ken before answering her religious calling?  Strangely, the mud that captured dying creatures two hundred million years ago, turning their bones to stone on the Fundy cliffs, now holds the clue to a modern murder.