Mainstage Productions History

1984  You’ll Be in Her Arms By Midnight and Other Parrsboro Stories by Michael Fuller & Mary Vingoe*

1985 The Minas Basin Miracle Play by Michael Fuller & Mary Vingoe*

1986  The Mystery of the Mary Celeste by Michael Fuller*

1987  The Summer of the Handley Page by Carol Sinclair*

Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave by Maynard Collins

1988  Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave (Maritime Tour)

The Summer of the Handley Page by Carol Sinclair

The Prophet of Tantramar by Silver Donald Cameron*

1989  Sisters by Wendy Lill*

To Far Away Places by Rick McNair*

1990  Lockhartville by Paul Hanna and Terry Tweed

The Road to Mecca by Athol Fugard

1991  The Road to Mecca (Halifax Production)

Catlover by Janis Spence

Honky Tonk Angels by Paul Ledoux*

1992  Adam and Eve by Bolek Polivka

The Bivo Road Show by Bolek Polivka

Peggy and Grace by Bonnie Laing*

The Black River Miracle by Harry Thurston & Gregory M. Cook*

1993  Artichoke by Joanna McClelland Glass

Odd Fish by Pamela Boyd*

1994  Living Curiousities by Mary Vingoe*

Young Triffie’s Been Made Away With by Ray Guy

1995  The Swinton Massacre by Ray Guy

The Glace Bay Miners Museum by Sheldon Currie, adapted by Wendy Lill*

Young Triffie’s Been Made Away With (Halifax Production)

1996  Country Chorale by Raymond Storey

Babe Ruth Comes to Pickle River by Nelles Van Loon

1997  World Without Shadows by Lance Woolaver

Spring Planting by Kit Brennan

1998  Tiger’s Heart by Kit Brennan

The Americans are Coming adapted by Jenny Munday from the book by Herb Curtis

1999  World Without Shadows (Halifax Production)

Salt-Water Moon by David French (Parrsboro and Dartmouth

Apple Tree Road by Daniel Lillford*

2000  Of the Fields, Lately by David French

Soul Survivors by Donna Smyth*

2001  Miles From Home by Michael Melski*

The Last Tasmanian adapted by Jenny Munday from the book by Herb Curtis

2002  Mary’s Wedding by Stephen Massicotte

Chairmaker, The Musical by Scott Burke, music by Alastair MacDonald*

2003  Chairmaker, The Musical by Scott Burke

Jacob’s Wake by Michael Cook (Parrsboro and Brantford, Ontario)

2004  The Parrsboro Boxing Club adapted by Scott Burke from the novel by Bruce Graham*

Trout Stanley by Claudia Dey*

2005  The Fly Fisher’s Companion by Michael Melski*

Brighter Than the Light of the Sun by David Kennedy & The Lunar Society*

Shatter by Trina Davies*

2006  The Mystery of Maddy Heisler by Daniel Lillford*

Lillibet by Glenda Stirling*

Lauchie, Liza & Rory by Sheldon Currie

2007  Share by Carol Sinclair*

MacGregor’s Hard Ice Cream & Gas by Daniel MacDonald

God’s Middle Name by Jennifer Overton, from her book Snapshots of Autism*

2008  BUMP by Richard Merrill

Snow Dance by Daniel Lillford*

A Ship Portrait by Harry Thurston (Parrsboro and St. Andrews, New Brunswick)*

2009  Ivor Johnson’s Neighbours adapted by Charlie Rhindress from the novel by Bruce Graham*

Ferry Tales book and lyrics by Carol Sindair; compostion and additional lyrics by David Sereda*

The Veil by Shahin Sayadi, based on the novel Khanoom by Masoud Benoud

2010  Fishing for Frank by Daniel Lillford*

The Net by Marcel-Romain Theriault, translated by Maureen Labonte & Don Hannah

Jake’s Gift by Julia MacKey

2011  Out the Meadow by Bev Brett

The (Post) Mistress by Tomson Highway

Sunnyside Cafe by Pam Calabrese MacLean

2012  The Maritime Way of Life by Charlie Rhindress

The Nuttalls by Michael Healey

Shakespeare On Trial by Jeremy Webb

2013 Diligent River Daughter by Scott Burke adapted from the novel by Bruce Graham*

Making Contact by Charlie Rhindress*

When That I Was… by John Mortimer & Edward Atienza based on the book “Will Shakespeare” by John Mortimer

2014 By the Dark of the Moon by Mary-Colin Chisholm and Christian Murray

Our Eliza by Megan Coles

Alien By Annie Valentina Presented by The Doppler Effect Productions

* World Premiere and/or first commissioned by Ship’s Company Theatre

2015 Habit of Murder by Joanne Miller*

The Romeo Initiative by Trina Davies

The Improv Show by The Irondale Ensemble Project

2016 After Eepersip Disappeared by Kristin Slaney*

Chasing Champions: The Sam Langford Story by Jacob Sampson*

Let’s Try This Standing by Gillian Clark*

You, Me and One Piece of Chalk by Veronique MacKenzie

2017 Pugwash by Vern Thiessen

The Mystery Play by Josh MacDonald

New Waterford Boy by Richie Wilcox