Ship’s Company Mandate and Mission Statement

The mandate of the company is to be a prime centre for the production and development of Canadian and Atlantic theatre serving a local, regional, and tourist audiences.

The Ship’s Company Theatre seeks to fulfill its mission through:
  • Developing and presenting theatrical performances of Canadian play, with an emphasis on Atlantic plays
    The engagement, promotion and professional development of Canadian artists, with priority given to Atlantic artists.
  • A dedication to innovative theatrical expression. reflecting our unique performance venue, geographic location and cultural heritage.
  • Participation as a cultural leader and partner in our various communities: The Town of Parrsboro, the Municipality of Cumberland County, The Province of Nova Scotia
  • Managing the activities of the company in a fiscally responsible fashion and ensuring the Company’s property is sufficient and in an appropriate condition for all activities.

Board of Directors

Dianne Powell – Chair
Michael Levy – Vice Chair
Gerry Roberts – Secretary
Wendell Gallagher – Treasurer

Mary Dee MacPherson
Brenda Wood
Mary McPhee
Tina Smith